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    "Great fun class and smashing teacher! I come to the class a little jaded from the humdrum of life and leave feeling like Tigger! I'm not only learning some useful acting skills but it's helping me to build confidence, bringing me out of my shell and making me feel more relaxed about things not only during the class but all week. Joy has a lovely calm way of teaching through games, improvisation and role playing bringing out the best in you and helping you to lose yourself and have fun."

    Laurent Safont

    "Joy Forsythe is a brilliant drama teacher. Not only does she give her students a very clear and solid grounding in theatre technique, she also allows students to develop their own ideas and creativity. She is extremely supportive and creates a positive environment for students to learn. She is also a dynamic director when it comes to staging class work. I would recommend Joy's classes to anyone who wishes to learn drama and would like to do so in a fun, highly creative and challenging environment."

    Rachel Mae Brady (Actor)

    "Joy taught my three children for many years. She is a superb, creative and caring teacher, bringing out the best in each child and nurturing their individual talents. They all gained tremendously from attending her Drama School."

    Janice Vard Smith

    "I feel so lucky to have been taught by Joy. She creates an atmosphere of absolute safety, where students are free to be themselves, to take big risks and make discoveries about themselves and others, as well as having a crazy amount of fun! She is an incredibly creative, generous and inspiring teacher."

    Roseanne Lynch (Actor)

    "I believe that a teacher should not only pass on their knowledge but also install a confidence in their students, give them a believe in themselves that will help them to succeed, Joy Forsythe is that teacher, she’s passionate about her craft. What I learnt in my time with her prepared me for my career as an actor and a stunt performer."

    James Cosgrave (Actor & Stuntman)

    "Joy Forsythe reignited my passion for performance - to the extent that she enabled me to write and perform my own work. A supportive and inspirational teacher/director. Thank you"

    Eithne Dempsey (Actor)

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